Classic films vs. Netflix & other online "vendors" November 16 2013

I've yet to find an on-line "vendor" who has the same sort of venue as TCM.

Even though I've read on twitter that many people are are angry that TCM is (God forbid) showing movies from the 1970s - 1990s -- well, the greatness of a film or book or stage play is subjective.

What I view as classic films someone else may go, "What is that?" -- "Who was she?" -- "Never heard of hilm..."

I'm not talking about Garbo or Marlene or Lillian Gish or even Mary Pickford or Buster Keaton.

A young gal at the checkout line awhile back never heard of Julie Andrews. Then she finally said, "That lady who sings on the hill."  Paul Newman rang not bells.  I then saidyou have Paul Newman salad dressing and dog food.  She said she would ask.  I told her, "I just saw it. Never mind.

It is like USA history.  Some do nor even know who John F. Kennedy was or is.  They heard the name but nothing more.

Others, do not even know the current Vice Prez or Secretary of State.

Just an observation.  A sad one, nonetheless.